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Embedded Software Development

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Wertecknologies have been providing software consulting services and real time systems of the highest possible quality since 2005. Backed by a wealth of experience in real time operating systems, embedded software development and digital signal processing, we provide software consulting services and embedded systems programming to guarantee a well documented, well tested software system that exceeds all expectations.

We design, develop and test real time systems for commercial and research customers. Our skills with embedded systems programming allow us to deliver top quality embedded software, including Board Support Packages, device drivers, embedded system middleware, protocol stacks and complete real time systems across domains and technolgies.

Our Vertical Expertise

  • Storage Systems
  • Telecomunications & wiresless
  • Transaction and POS devices
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Scanning and Input devices
  • Medical Handheld Device Design
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Navigation and GPS devices


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