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Software Prototyping

Optimize your investiment and minimise development risk

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Prototypes are functional, interactive demos of your applications. It’s a lower-cost, time-saving way to present ideas and get feedback from stakeholders or potential investors early in a project lifecycle, before development and minimize your risk identifying potential risk early.

A prototype also serves as a powerful sales tool, giving you a clear edge when presenting your ideas to potential investors and company stakeholders. It allows for user testing and immediate feedback that can then be easily implemented without having to backtrack within the development process.

Let us develop Proof-of-Concept before you invest

Making big investment is never risk free and having a proof-of-concept or a conceptual design ready is always a wise strategy to minimise your risk. A time spend during the brainstorming phase of the software development saves money and time in the actual development phase. A prototype not only provides a conceptual design of the actual software to be implemented, it also provides opportunity to contemplate project scope, its feasibility and identifying its risk.

Wertecknologies has the experience, tools and methodology to quickly analyze the idea and rapidly produce a prototype or a proof-of-concept, which allows to scope out the project together with the client. This capability is a result of a investing time internally and working with clients who at times change business goals or don't provide project specifications.

  • In depth Requirement Analysis.
  • Agile Methodology
  • Stubs and interfaces to present sub-systems depicting independent modules.
  • Review and rework of the subsystems so that each individual module is fully functional and covers all functional requirements. Rework to cater changed requirements is easier with sub-systems than after the whole systems has been built.
  • Finally, all sub-systems are integrated into the whole system which has less bugs and is more stable.